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Artist Marketing Review Vol 003: Creative use of social media

Music marketing campaigns that made excellent use of social media technology

1. Snapchat Geofilters:

Imagine Festival rolled out a scavenger hunt using the Snapchat geofilter tool to ‘hide and release the festival lineup via the geofilter tool. This was the first time a festival utilised the Snapchat platform to do this.

2. Snapchat Filters:

Multiple music artists have created Snapchat filters to roll out with specific campaigns, alongside specific hashtags. These trending hashtags can then lead onto fans being entered into competitions to win merch etc. Billie Eilish and Calvin Harris to name a couple. Although this would have been done by professionals, this can be done using the Snapchat lens studio.

3. Tiktok Dance Contests:

Dance contests via platforms such as Tiktok are providing a perfect means to get fans involved in the music and spread the music further across the social network. Regard’s remix of Jay Sean - Ride it was accompanied by the #rideitchallenge on TikTok which became hugely popular and even pushed the original track back to the top of the charts years after it was released.

4. Facebook Games:

Rick Ross was the first artist to launch his new album using a Facebook driving game. The game is called ‘Port of Miami 2: Born to drive, and allows you to cruise around Miami racing against the clock whilst gathering objects to level up, all whilst listening to his new tracks in the background.

5. Instagram Artwork:

Bon Iver executed an international launch of his new album, timed up to launch on the same day across the globe in their timezone. A simple idea that worked perfectly with the platform Instagram due to it being purely visual. The track artwork was different for each timezone, and these images were posted on Instagram as the launches happened across the globe. This created a cultural aesthetic for the campaign, which looked visually appealing across his Instagram feed.

6. Grinder:

An unusual marketing campaign from Charli XCX - Boys, involved video advertising with Grindr whereby users of the free version of the app could get more “matches” by watching 30 seconds of the ‘Boys’ video. They also ran carousel adverts on spotify and socials, that were designed similar to Tinder profiles and allowed you to swipe left or right. The whole campaign was based around different boys and online dating so the collaboration with Grindr was perfect.

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