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Create your Brand

This loaded brand design package contains all you need to confidently hit the ground running with your business, and maintain professional branding, even if you don’t know where to start.

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Professionalism goes hand in hand with trust. A brand that is consistently professional across all touch points is a brand to be trusted.



A memorable brand places you front of mind when your audience is ready to purchase and actively looking for your offering.



Attracting customers with aligned values through your creative & messaging is key to standing out amongst competitors.



Happy customers and clients, means successful business, and repeat custom. 

Does this sound like you?

  • ​You’re branding is inconsistent, and negatively impacting you getting the recognition your business deserves...

  • Your business has little or unprofessional branding and is in desperate need of a brand design.

  • You're planning on launching your business (I'm rooting for you!) but you don't have any branding in place...

  • Your brand lacks creativity and originality and looks too much like everyone else.

  • You need templates in place to maintain branding across all your marketing touch points.

Hi, I'm Charlie 👋

A Brand Designer, helping new businesses build energy into their branding and grow online. 

I work with start-ups and businesses in the early stages of their journey helping them grow into reputable brands through graphic design, brand development, and creative marketing.

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Logo Design

3-6 initial concepts and creative development of one design to your preferred taste. I will also a create a sub mark logo which is a simplified version of your primary logo for official documentation or use in limited space. 

Creative Direction

This is the part where I bring your brand to life. I'll carefully consider your audience and create a direction to attracts them with ease. I will create 2 potential creative directions to pitch to you for consideration and discussion.

Brand Design

A unique and creative brand design, that your audience can't get enough of:

  • A carefully considered colour scheme, based on colour psychology, your industry and complimentary colours.

  • Creative and copy fonts that compliment each other.

  • Photography aesthetic that makes your clients wish they were in the photo.

  • Graphic styling to make your brand unique to you and miles apart from your competitors.

  • Unique icons to represent your brand

Content Consistency 

Nail consistent branding across all your platforms, long after your brand design is complete with:

  • A PDF brand guide for you to follow and to provide to anyone who works creatively with your brand in future.

  • 10 Social media or website editable content templates (or 10 of each) built in Adobe Express or Canva for you to use.

  • 10 digital content templates, for social media, web graphics or anywhere else required, built in Adobe Suite, Adobe Express or Canva as required for you to use.

  • 10 creatively edited photographs, using provided or stock photos, to demonstrate how to use photography to enhance and compliment your brand.

  • Business card design and 1 document template.

  • Graphic elements packaged up into a folder for you to implement your brand effortlessly across all your marketing platforms.

Branding Bootcamp

Free copy of The Branding Bootcamp. A 44 page guide containing all you need to confidently launch and grow your business, even if you don't feel ready. 

The Full Package

Prices start from £1000

50% deposit required. 30-day turnaround. Additional branded materials can be added at an extra cost.


Brand Creation

A brand design package with all you need to confidently hit the ground running with your business, and maintain professional branding, even if you don’t know where to start.

  • Be inspired to hit the ground running with your new business aesthetic.

  • Have the know how and design tools to confidently show off your new brand and promote your business across all you marketing platforms.

  • Be able to grow into new online spaces effortlessly with your consistency pack.

  • Be bursting with motivation to grow your business!

After Brand Creation you will:

Phillip Markwick, CEO at VisitOne

Charlie has an approachable nature that is great to work with. What stood out to us was she asked a lot of questions about our business and existing branding in preparation for our rebrand.


She presented 2 potential creative directions, which led to a logo and brand design with additional print and digital marketing materials. I was pleased with the quality of her work and would recommend her for your branding requirements.

Zen Lewis, Vocalist

Really happy with the artist logo Charlie created for me. I had a general idea of what I wanted and she was able to translate it into a visual design with everything I wanted and lots of additional details.


The design was so good it was also the catalyst for me to start selling merchandise which has also been a success thanks to the strength of the design. Very happy customer. Would definitely recommend.

Oliver Nolan, Founder of Rebalance Records

Charlie preserves the integrity of a creative idea, from initial spark, to evolving it into an effective and impactful piece of media content that is attractive to customers and clients.


Working with the material she provided has been critical to the success of my expanding business. Excellent quality of service with fast turnaround, they dedicate full individual attention to each and every project, with repeat results and delivery date you can rely on. I highly recommend.

Silene Bricet, Business Owner at Silene Bricet Fertility

I have worked with Charlie for almost a year now and I can’t recommend her enough.


She is skilled, hardworking, flexible and a joy to work with. My business has boomed since she has been working with me.

Let's Talk Results 💪

Stage 01 | Book a Call

To begin our branding journey we will have a discovery call to discuss your requirements where I learn more about your business values and goals. From here, I will send you a project proposal. If you think it's right for you, we'll get started!

Stage 02 | Design time!

You proposal will include a timeline I intend to work to to suit your requirements. I will also keep you updated throughout your project, about when you will receive your initial concepts and further designs. This can be via email or via a client portal in my project management software, whichever is easier for you. 

Stage 03 | Signed, Sealed & delivered

You're design work is complete and you can't wait to share your beautiful new branding! All design files and any file types you need will be packaged up and sent to you. It time to reap the rewards!

How do we get started?

Let's Work Together

I'd love to learn more about you and your business. Book in a call and let's see if we're a good match.

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