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OTC Recordings Bio

OTC started out as pirate radio back in 2015, and shortly after formed as a collective of DJs and Producers in 2016. Becoming Rough Tempo residents in 2018, their bi-weekly shows soon led onto them throwing their own events in Newmarket by the end of 2018.

The label was launched in June 2019, with tracks from local producers Low Pattern, Huski, Rise and Change of Pace, leading to them dropping their first line of OTC merchandise shortly after.

The crew have played at renowned events such as Spring Break in Amsterdam, Warning and Strawberry Fair in Cambridge, Tearout festival, Blueprint Festival and many more.

Alongside guesting on highly rated online stations Subtle FM and Dose FM, they have supported many leading acts in the scene, including Nicky blackmarket, T>I, Bou, Heist, Saxxon, Upgrade, Unglued, Skantia & Signal (Imanu).

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Keep it OTC.

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