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Music Marketing: YouTube Optimisation

How to optimise your YouTube account for optimum performance

Work with the YouTube algorithm:

- Playlists with more tracks are more likely to appear in search due to higher watch time. The algorithm favours higher watch time, both from single videos and playlists

- The algorithm favours channels with regular content being posted

- YouTube algorithm prioritises videos with custom thumbnails

Optimise your channel:

- Ensure you have set your custom URL (Over 100 followers you can claim one)

- Add smart links to your website and / or socials from your channel. (Recommend using linkfire for smart links) This way you can track people and gather important information on who watches your videos, to learn more about your audience to target them later.

- For optimised search: Channel tags should include: Genre, Culture, City, Country Mood, Artists

- Add your watermark (150px by 150px) to your channel so it shows on every video and link the watermark to your website, social media or monetisation channel

Optimise videos:

- Always use custom thumbnails

- Add subtitles and allow community contributions to subtitles from audience: This makes your video more likely favoured by other countries and improves visibility in search

- Make use of cards option linking to channel or playlists

- For optimised search: Video tags should include: Lyrics, artists, song name, song name misspellings, album name, instruments

- Description: - Always repeat the artist name and song name used in the title. - Use 3 hashtags to improve visibility in search. - Add smart links to your socials, streaming services, merch etc

- VID IQ browser plug-in: Useful for analytics and managing search visibility in Youtube

Optimise playlists:

- Ensure you allow playlist embedding – option in the back end of your playlists

- Higher watch time, higher the algorithm favours it so playlists with more videos are more likely to be seen

Use live streams to engage fans:

Live streams are a great way to engage your subscribers using the YouTube live option. Sharing the information on the stream across your socials will attract more people to you YouTube account in advance. Some examples of live streams could be: a live DJ set, talking about new releases, or reviewing other peoples tracks etc

Note: to live stream on mobile you need 1000 subscribers

Set up a YouTube Brand Account:

You can share access with other people using a YouTube brand account and more people adding content means more plays, subscribers etc,

If you require more people working on your YouTube, you can transfer an existing channel to a brand channel to activate that option.

Use the YouTube Community Tab:

This is only available to accounts with over 1000 subscribers, but it works similarly to a social channel where you can share updates, posts etc

YouTube Stories:

This is only available to accounts with over 10,000 subscribers, but it works similarly to Instagram and Facebook stories and is another useful tool for additional content.

Monetization: Allowing adverts on your videos

This is only available to accounts with over 1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch hours, but you can monetize your videos to earn a little extra income by allowing YouTube to advertise on your videos.

To set up monetization:

  • Join the YouTube partner program

  • Set up google AdSense account and ensure this is linked to your channel. This is how you get paid.

  • Enable monetisation on channel in YouTube studio


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