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Music Marketing: Tips & Tricks on a budget

Music marketing tips and tricks to help you make a noise, on a budget.

1.Email marketing

It’s free and a super effective way to get your message directly to your audience. You can also nurture them by giving them special offers or access to tracks before official launch for being a part of your e-list. Where possible, always use smart links in your emails to track user behaviour for remarketing.

2. Create a website or landing page

Building your own site on website builders is free, and there are many templates provided if you’re not confident in starting from scratch. You can use it to direct fans to all your socials and offer an email sign up. It's also a great data capture opportunity for remarketing purposes using smart links and using remarketing pixels.

  • WIX, wordpress or squarespace are all good options for builders

  • Linkfire [ ] is the go smart link provider in the music industry

3. Use music marketing platforms for advertising

There are online platforms that provide a one stop shop for digital advertising. They allow you to set up spotify, youtube and digital ad campaigns across the web to build your following. Although not free, it’s cost effective if you're not a whiz at content creation and marketing. Take a look at:

4. Live streams

Live streams have boomed during the pandemic and are a great way to put on a show or start a discussion with your fans for free. Some platforms are more susceptible to copyright flags than others, so look into which is best for you and your audience. You can use green screens and add additional artwork to make your stream stand out. There are also apps that can help your performance:

5. Stickers

Stickers are cheap to print and easy to give away to fans. Rather than just using your logo, commission some creative ones with your logo incorporated so fans are more likely to put them on display.

6. Content is key

Photos and videos make quick, easy and efficient content, so make sure you’re always taking opportunities for a new snap. Short video content is the most effective way to engage fans on social media. There are many apps to help with making it look more professional such as:

  • TRASH video editor app for creating recap videos and funky effects [ TRASH for Artists allows you to use your own music in the edited videos. ]

  • MOJO app for creating animated stories

7. Competitions

Merch giveaways, remix contests, DJ contests; you can’t go wrong with a competition. Ideally you want to make people share the post to increase the algorithm through more engagement and get more people onto your page. Anyone who likes the post but doesn't like your page, you can invite at a later date. It's also a great way to capture emails for your email list.

8. Get personal

Whether it’s a cooking podcast or a fitness channel on your YouTube account, showing yourself doing something other than music can help fans to relate to you, and is a great way to show another side to your personality.

9. Get people involved

Create an online platform or space for your genre: Facebook groups or online forums are a free and effective way to start conversations with other like minded people who you know enjoy your type of music. Try adding something to offer such as a track review service where you review and give exposure so others tracks or DJ/Production lessons.

10. Get dancing

Dances and dance challenges have been proven to go viral, especially with apps such as TikTok making it popular. Creating a dance to your track, whether it's serious or just for a laugh, could help get some attention.

11. Look into new tech

A lot of artists are branching out into new technology that is being increasingly made accessible without being a developer or massively into tech. For example:

12. Network with businesses and brands

Build relationships with people who can get your music out to a wider audience such as radio stations, record labels, influencers, playlist curators and promoters.


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