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Lankzi DJ Bio

Lankzi’s passion for music started at a young age, through playing drums professionally for 7 years, to then discovering Drum&Bass on an MP3 player, with the likes of Nicky Blackmarket - Badass and other classics. What started as dabbling on the decks, quickly became a passion and determination to pursue music.

His mixes on soundcloud soon attracted attention and he began performing across Norwich. The take off of his DJ career saw him launch his own event, Delusional Drums, in Norwich which has supported a whole host of local talent and established DJs from further afield. He has had the honour of supporting many established artists in the scene such as General levy, Logan D, DJ limited, Unglued, AC13, Nicky blackmarket, Lupo and had Mc Fearless host on his set.

He also has his own bi-weekly show on Rough Tempo radio called ‘The Strictly Drums Show’, which you can catch Biweekly on Thursdays 5-7PM. With his music production going from strength to strength following his single releases, his first EP is coming out in the near future. One to watch as his music goes from strength to strength.



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