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5 tips to create rock solid confidence

1. Get to know yourself

Getting to know yourself, your beliefs, your core values, why you do what you do and what you stand for from my personal experience is the number one way to improve your confidence, as an artist, designer, musician, business owner, whatever your passion or craft is, if you don’t truly know yourself, then how can you be confident in your own skin. Knowing yourself will also help you define what you are and aren’t willing to accept from others and will help you build healthy connections in your life. The MBTI personality test or High 5 strengths are both a great place to start.

2. Rewire limiting beliefs

Lack of confidence often stems from the negative voice in our head, also known as the inner critic. Listen to the negative or limiting voices in your head at times when you doubt yourself. What do they say? The trick is to become aware of them, write them down and then correct them with a more positive belief.

For example: I’m not good enough.

Replace with: I am more than capable. I am exactly where I need to be right now. I am a constant work in progress. Overtime you can begin to rewire your brain to believe the positive beliefs over the negative ones. Mindfulness practises such as meditation, daily gratitude and affirmations can all be supportive when going through this process, find what works best for you.

3. Self-help books / principles

These are 3 self help books and/or principles that improved my life. You don’t necessarily need to read the whole book, checking the websites and social media accounts for advice and taking action on the principles is enough to see the benefits.

4. Stop negative talk about yourself

What you tell people about yourself, they will believe. Many people subconsciously talk negatively about themselves without even realising the damage it’s doing (myself included). Whether it's cracking small jokes or outright telling people your bad at something, refrain from it unless it's 100% true or nessessary. You’re not only convincing other people of those thoughts but also convincing yourself that they’re true. In the same way that you stop limiting beliefs when they crop up, train yourself to stop and think before you’re about to say something negative about yourself.

5. Upskill in areas you feel hold you back

Acknowledge your weaknesses and upskill in those areas, or in any area you feel would compliment your existing creative skillset. There are many online platforms with affordable courses for personal and professional development. I personally have used and recommend Udemy and Domestika to upskill in design skills.


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