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Artist Marketing Review Vol 002: Creative Campaigns

Music marketing campaigns that did something different

1. Bruno Major - A song for every moon 2017

What was different about Bruno Major’s - A song for every moon campaign was the idea of timing up releases to the moon. A simple idea that turned out to be extremely successful, Bruno released 11 tracks over the moons for the year which lead up to a full album. These releases became more and more successful with each release as interest gathered in the campaign. The artwork created for the tracks was based around the moon and all came together for the final release. This provided a strong visual aspect to the campaign which then spread onto billboards and live performance. He also played an Intimate gig in London for 70 biggest most popular listeners on Spotify in a planetarium setting to provide the full space experience.

2. Foo Fighters - Mixtape Generator 2017

Foo fighters interactive website provided insight into their personal world that really engaged fans. The cleverly designed website allowed fans to generate their own Spotify playlists via choosing their favourite objects and vibe from the foo fighters room. It then allows you to order your tracks how you’d like them in your playlist and offers for you to share it across your socials, generating interest across social media. A great way to make fans feel personally involved with their music.

3. Kara marni: Love just ain't enough 2018

Preparation for Kara’s Love just ain't enough campaign started years before the launch, with Kara capturing Polaroids after her performances, studio sessions, gigs, touring and days out. She also provided fans that had Polaroids taken with her with a unique whatsapp number to engage with her in a super-fan group. Fast forward to her Love just ain't enough launch, she then placed over 2000 of the Polaroids over 3 billboards in London and released a map via Facebook, Instagram and the whatsapp group. This gathered fans to the billboards to help themselves to a one of a kind Polaroid, while providing information on the release and slowly revealing the billboards underneath.

4. Trojan 50: 50 year celebrations

Trojun records celebrated their 50 years by producing a documentary on the history, a box-set, a book and a series of live events. These provided an insight into the culture of the label and offered one of a kind items in the box-set and the history book. Beautifully designed, the box-set would be appealing to anyone and the one of a kind physical merchandise provides a personal and nostalgic feel.

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