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Branding Bootcamp

A 44 page guide containing all you need to understand the core fundamentals of building a successful brand from scratch, allowing you to confidently launch and grow your business, even if you don't feel ready.

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Gain confidence in your branding and in marketing your business. This guide will help you get the ball rolling for online growth.


Get your messaging mastered from the get go, to ensure maximum impact from your launch or improvements.


Learn how to create content consistently, both in terms of creative and in sticking to a schedule, even when you're busy.


Implement all the top tips and tasks throughout the guide, and watch your brand blossum.​

Hi, I'm Charlie 👋

A Brand Designer, helping new businesses build energy into their branding and grow online. 

I work with start-ups and businesses in the early stages of their journey helping them grow into reputable brands through graphic design, brand development, and creative marketing.

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Does this sound like you?

  • You're planning on launching your business but have a lack of branding in place...

  • ​You’ve already launched but your branding is inconsistent, and negatively impacting you getting the recognition your business deserves.

  • You've already launched but wan't to ensure you have all the branding fundamentals in place for maximum growth.

  • You'd like to learn more about online marketing for your business.

  • Your messaging is average or inconsistent and you could use some guidance on how to stand out and attract more clients online

Brand Messaging
that Converts
(£50 in value)

3 initial concepts and creative development of one design to your preferred taste. I will also a create a sub mark logo which is a simplified version of your primary logo for official documentation or when in limited space. 

Fundamentals of 
Brand Design
(£50 in value)

This is the creative part, where I bring your brand uniquely to life. I'll carefully consider your audience and create a direction so aesthetically pleasing that it attracts them with ease.

Growing a Brand Online
(£300 in value)

A unique and creative brand design, that your audience can't get enough of:

  • A carefully considered colour scheme, based on colour psychology, your industry and complimentary colours.

  • Creative and copy fonts that compliment each other.

  • Photography aesthetic that makes your clients wish they were in the photo.

  • Graphic styling to make your brand unique to you and miles apart from your competitors.

Productivity 101
(£50 in value)

Tip tips, productivity hacks and book suggestions to be more productive in your marketing and business management.​​


A copy of Consistency Uncomplicated Checklist. Gain clarity on gaps in your branding and learn straight forward fixes to  boost your online presence, without wasting time on the wrong things.

Power Up your Brand
(£450 in value)

All the above for £50!


Branding Bootcamp

Amp up your branding skills and marketing knowledge so you can confidently

promote your business, and grow online.

Do more written on a computer screen
  • Be inspired to hit the ground running with your business

  • Have the know how and design tools to confidently show off your new brand and promote your business across all you marketing platforms.

  • Be able to grow into new online spaces effortlessly with your consistency pack.

  • Be bursting with motivation to grow your business!

After Branding Bootcamp you will:

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