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5 reasons to define your core values and beliefs

Everyone has core values, whether consciously aware of them or not, they show through in all aspects of your life and brand. Getting clear on your values results in you being 100% certain of who you are and what you represent, and this will shine through your creative work or brand.

  1. Solid Foundation They create a solid foundation for how you approach your imaging and marketing. Relate everything you do back to your core values, you're showing up as your authentic self.

  2. Aligned Audience You will attract an audience that resonates with those values.

  3. Situational Awareness You're much less inclined to tolerate or agree to something that doesn't sit right with your values when you embody what they are.

  4. Collaboration It becomes easier to find other brands with the same values as you to collaborate with

  5. Improved Confidence Your confidence in yourself or brand will increase as a result

Everyone also has a set of core beliefs, that form a belief system that you subconsciously follow day by day. These will begin to form in childhood, from your upbringing to any positive or negative experiences you've had. These beliefs will then shape how you behave as an adult. Here's why it's important to know what they are.

  1. Increased self-awareness By acknowledging your beliefs, whether positive or negative, you become more self aware about your behaviour, triggers, and actions you take in life.

  2. Challenge your beliefs With self awareness, you can challenge your limiting beliefs. Once you know them, you can begin to rewire them. This takes time but it is possible to completely unwire your limiting beliefs and turn them into more beneficial beliefs that help you grow.

  3. Change your behaviour Overtime, new beliefs will from new behaviours and actions that may better serve you.

  4. Learn from your past You will begin to see experiences that caused these beliefs in a different light. You can identify where the past has affected you and make the choice to grow from this to live more in the present.

  5. Rewrite your future You can choose to change your beliefs at any time. This gives you immense power over your life.


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